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Money Badger Trading is Trading Group with the aim of providing industry leading trading indicators and trade automation. The Packages Below are simply to keep the bot running as server costs are not cheap as well as Support and Admins with in our Group. How does it work? We want to give people the best when trading, so we will also be providing signals and group Technical Analysis , Premium Indicators , automation etc & the best why to communicate with us it through Discord. The reason Our Costs are so cheap compared to other trading groups is because we ask that you use our trading Link https://bybitbonus.com when trading. By keeping our packages we also protect the group from scammers and spammers that will just jump in and out! Check out our T&C for more info

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Money Badger

We Provide Trading Indicators and a trading Bot, Join our Discord to get more info.


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$ 0
$ 200
  • Access to All Our Indicators
  • Bot Access
  • Premium Discord Group Access
Whale Package
$ 1 000
  • Access to All our Indicators and Future Updates
  • Bot Access
  • 1 on 1 Support
  • Technical Analysis
  • Special Indicator Request
  • Request for any reasonable Development that will make your trading Better & Easier
  • Whale Room Discord
  • & More (Will be discussed in Discord)

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We are partnered with Bybit If you want access to our Bot you need to sign up with our referral link.

The bot will require signals from tradingview by using our or any indicator or strategy by firing alerts automatically and the Bot will do the rest!.

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